Beauty centre

Do you do Shellac?

YES. In fact we carry one of Brampton’s largest assortments of colours that include over 70 different colours! We carry 3 different lines: CND Shellac, OPI Gel Colour and Gelish Gel Polish

What is Shellac?

Shellac is a nail product that combines the best of polish, with the best of gel. It glides on smoothly and lasts for 14 days without chipping, scratching, or smudging. Many have noticed that their nails are stronger and healthier after using shellac. A fantastic alternative to artificial nails since there is no harsh filing or drilling on your natural nail.


What is Bio Sculpture Gel?

Bio Sculpture Gel is a one component nail treatment that strengthens and promotes the growth of natural nails. Applied onto a prepared nail Bio Gel cures under a UVA light, leaving the nail strong but flexible with a natural glossy finish. Bio Sculpture Gel is the only product with a 5 Start Safety rating.

What is Luxury Manicure / Pedicure?

This deluxe experience offers relaxation, renewal and a terrific moisturizing restorative treatment for nails and hands. You’ll receive a complete range of services from cleaning, buffing, and exfoliating to trimming, shaping, base-and-top coating and polishing. In additional to the classic spa pedicure, the luxury pedicure includes: - An extended foot massage. - A sea salt scrub from the knee down. This salt is essential in the removal of dry dead skin, exfoliation and promotes blood circulation. - A mud mask from the knee down. The mud mask is applied and left to penetrate for up to 10 minutes. This will moisturize and leave your skin feeling soft and smooth, not to mention the relaxing tingling feeling you will experience for hours. - Hot towels. Hot towels are wrapped around your lower leg while we finish this pedicure. This is truly as good as it gets for a pedicure.


How are Eyelash Extensions applied?

Artificial lashes are adhered to your natural eyelash giving the appearance of a long and full-bodied look. Our professional can cater to a specific you look you crave. We use individual 3-pronge flare lashes. The length varies from short, medium or long. The thickness or “body” can be done from a natural look all the way through a glamorous full-bodied look. Whether you are going on vacation, attending a special event or you just want to make your beautiful eyes “pop”, eyelash extensions are what you seek.

What are facials?

From basic to bio-lift, our facials cleanse, exfoliate and nourishe to promote healthy, purified, and hydrated skin. We accommodate teens, acne treatments, deep cleaning and defensive treatments against environmental impurities.


What types of Massages do you service?

With use of essential oils and shiatsu techniques, we can aid in your get-away and massage away your stress. The essential oils in Aromatherapy affect the heart rate, stress level, blood pressure, breathing, memory , digestion and immune system. While Shiatsu helps to reduce stress through deep muscle and tissue relaxation, improve blood circulation, lower blood pressure and restoring a healthy natural flow throughout your body.

What types of payments do you accept?

We accept cash, debit, Visa and MasterCard


Where are you located?

We are located at 10015 Hurontario St., unit 4 on the NE corner of Hurontaro/Bovaird in the Rexall Pharmacy plaza.

Do you cater to wedding/large parties?

Absolutely. At Brampton Nails and Sap we work hard to ensure that you look your best for your wedding or special event. Appointments are strongly recommended for groups of 4 or more. Please call 905-454-2761


What types of products do you carry?

We only carry the best products. These are products that we have trusted and used for years. We carry elite and recognizable name brands that include: OPI, OPI Gel Colour, Shellac Bio Sculpture Gel and Essie to name a few.

Do you need an appointment?

No but it is recommended since appointments have priority over walk-ins.